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Type 2 diabetes is a fully curable disease. And still conventional medicine treat it as the opposite – like a chronic and progressive ailment. We try to disguise the symptoms and slow down the complications, instead of curing the idea!

It’s really simple to prove that type 2 diabetes is often a curable disease. Have a look only at that chart of the amount of required drugs for treating the illness, over 12 months about three different treatments in a 2012 study:

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There isn’t a cure for diabetes. Neither type 1 (juvenile onset or insulin-requiring) diabetes as well as type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes ever goes away completely. With type 1 diabetes, patients sometimes experience what physicians came to call a “honeymoon period” after that the disease is determined. During the “honeymoon period” diabetes may seem to go away for a period of a few months to a year. The patient’s insulin needs are minimal plus some patients may actually find they can maintain normal or around normal blood glucose taking no insulin.

It might be a mistake to assume the diabetes has gone away, however. Basically, type 1 diabetes occurs when about 90 percent in the body’s insulin-producing cells happen to be destroyed. At the time that will type 1 diabetes is diagnosed, most patients still tend to be producing some insulin. If obvious symptoms regarding type 1 diabetes emerge if the patient has an sickness, virus or cold, for example, once the illness subsides your body’s insulin needs may lower. At this point, the number of insulin-producing cells remaining may be enough – for as soon as – to meet the person’s insulin needs again.

Even so the process that has destroyed 90 percent on the insulin-producing cells will ultimately destroy the insulin-producing cells. And as that exploitation continues, the amount of injected insulin the sufferer needs will increase – and ultimately the person will be totally depending on insulin injections.

Will Diabetes Go Away

Scientists now think it’s important for people together with newly diagnosed diabetes to keep taking some insulin by injection even throughout the honeymoon period. Why? Because they have a few scientific evidence to claim that doing so will assist preserve the few remaining insulin-producing cells for a short time longer.

Patients told they have type 2 diabetes may learn that if they are overweight at diagnosis and lose weight and begin regular training, their blood glucose returns to normal. Does this mean diabetes features disappeared? No. The development of type 2 diabetes is a gradual process, too, in which the body becomes struggle to produce enough insulin for the needs and/or the body’s cells become resistant to help insulin’s effects. Gradually the patient goes from having “impaired glucose tolerance” – a low but still adequate power to convert food into energy – to presenting “diabetes. “.

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When the patient were to gain weight back or scale back on their physical activity program, high blood glucose would certainly return. If they were to overeat for a meal, their blood glucose probably would continue to go above someone without diabetes. Also, the decreased insulin generation and/or increased insulin resistance that generated the initial diabetes examination will gradually intensify in recent times and during periods connected with stress. In time, the patient who could maintain normal blood sugar with diet and exercise alone may discover that he or she needs to add common diabetes medications – or perhaps even insulin injections – to keep blood glucose in a healthy range.

What’s promising for a type 1 in addition to type 2 patient is that in case insulin, medication, weight loss, physical activity and changes in eating cause normal blood glucose, that means their diabetes is actually well controlled and their risk of developing diabetes complications is a lot lower. But it doesn’t imply that their diabetes has long gone away.

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