Will Type 2 Diabetes Go Away After Pregnancy

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Type 2 diabetes is usually a fully curable disease. And still conventional medicine treat it as the opposite – as being a chronic and progressive condition. We try to hide the symptoms and slow down the complications, instead of curing it!

It’s quite easy to prove that type 2 diabetes can be a curable disease. Have a look only at that chart of the volume of required drugs for treating the illness, over 12 months about three different treatments inside a 2012 study:

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There isn’t any cure for diabetes. Neither type 1 (young, small onset or insulin-requiring) diabetes or perhaps type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes ever vanishes entirely. With type 1 diabetes, patients sometimes experience what physicians have come to call a “honeymoon period” right after the disease is identified. During the “honeymoon period” diabetes may seem to go away for the period of a few months to a year. The patient’s insulin needs are minimal and some patients may actually find they might maintain normal or next to normal blood glucose taking minimal insulin.

It might be a mistake to assume the diabetes has gone away, however. Basically, type 1 diabetes comes about when about 90 percent with the body’s insulin-producing cells are already destroyed. At the time which type 1 diabetes is actually diagnosed, most patients still usually are producing some insulin. If obvious symptoms involving type 1 diabetes emerge once the patient has an condition, virus or cold, for example, once the illness subsides the body’s insulin needs may decrease. At this point, the number of insulin-producing cells remaining can be enough – for the moment – to meet the individuals insulin needs again.

Even so the process that has destroyed 90 percent from the insulin-producing cells will ultimately destroy the rest of the insulin-producing cells. And as that damage continues, the amount of injected insulin the patient needs will increase – and ultimately the individual will be totally depending on insulin injections.

Will Type 2 Diabetes Go Away After Pregnancy

Scientists now think it is important for people using newly diagnosed diabetes to keep taking some insulin by injection even in the honeymoon period. Why? Because they have a number of scientific evidence to declare that doing so will aid preserve the few remaining insulin-producing cells for a time longer.

Patients clinically determined to have type 2 diabetes may discover that if they are overweight at diagnosis and then lose weight and begin regular physical activity, their blood glucose returns to normal. Does this mean diabetes features disappeared? No. The development of type 2 diabetes is a gradual process, too, in which the body becomes not able to produce enough insulin to its needs and/or the body’s cells become resistant for you to insulin’s effects. Gradually the patient will go from having “impaired glucose tolerance” – a low but still adequate capacity to convert food into energy – to having “diabetes. “.

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In the event the patient were to gain weight back or scale back on the physical activity program, high blood glucose would certainly return. If they were to overeat at a meal, their blood glucose would continue to go more than someone without diabetes. Also, the decreased insulin creation and/or increased insulin resistance that resulted in the initial diabetes analysis will gradually intensify in the past and during periods regarding stress. In time, the patient who could maintain normal blood glucose with diet and workout alone may discover that she or he needs to add oral diabetes medications – or perhaps even insulin injections – to help keep blood glucose in proper range.

The good news for a type 1 as well as type 2 patient is when insulin, medication, weight loss, physical activity and changes in eating cause normal blood glucose, that means their diabetes is usually well controlled and his or her risk of developing diabetes complications is quite a bit lower. But it doesn’t show that their diabetes has absent away.

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